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This Website was created and maintained by Barker,Groenne and Benzon. The purpose of the site was to generate and shareknowledge about advertising on the Web. Stefan Benzon has now finished writting his final thesis. Unfortunately the thesis is only available in Danish. It is therefore only available in the form of a short executive summary.

new banner The research done by Barker & Groenne was finished in 1996. Itresulted in Barker & Groenne's final thesis Advertising on the World Wide Web. Thisthesis marked the end of their masters studies and resulted in theirmasters degrees. IT is nowavailable for free downloading. Check out what they have to say about Advertising on the World Wide Web.

The research done by Margrethe Dal Thomsen is also available for free downloading. See what she has to say about Advertising on the Internet.


The banner below is part of a link exchange with MediaFinder. Our page has not become a commercial page. Our goal is not to make money from this site, it is to generate and share knowledge about advertising on the Web.

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We encourage you to forward anycomments or suggestions - StefanBenzon or PeterGroenne

Last update November 1998